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Art by Jason Hutto

"Read More. Talk Less." 4-inch Sticker (5-Pack)

"Read More. Talk Less." 4-inch Sticker (5-Pack)

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Have you ever noticed the way many people speak at great length without knowing anything at all? Haven't you always wanted a polite way to encourage such people to stop talking until they know things? 

Pick up a handful of these handy suggestion stickers and post them wherever a know-nothing know-it-all may happen by. Such as: On your rear window, on your laptop case, on your cubicle wall, or on your co-worker's forehead.

Professionally-printed polyprop 4x4 sticker with glossy finish with UV resistance so that your "shut up until you're smarter" message will come through crisp and clean for a nice, long time. 

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